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Eachine E58 DJI Mavic Pro Clone

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This quadcopter looks exactly like DJI Mavic, but costs twenty times less!!! 

This is definitely something you should have if you are a beginner or experienced pilot looking for cheap but high-quality drone!

The Eachine E58 is a baby version of Mavic Pro designed to provide an affordable and responsive drone. This little bird has better camera quality than most other drones in the price range. Eachine E58 is well designed and durable drone.

Eachine E58 is stuffed by lots of functions: altitude hold mode, Wi-Fi app, headless mode, one key return to home, 3 level speed (including sport mode). It flies very stable and is therefore suitable both for newbies and experienced drone flyers.




Eachine E58

Eachine just launched the latest DJI Mavic Pro clone to hit the market. This one is named Eachine E58 and it packs all the feature you expect to find on a low-end WiFi FPV drone.

Let’s learn more about it!

Just like the Mavic Pro, also the Eachine E58 can be folded and made much more compact. Other features include Altitude Hold mode, Headless mode, One Key Return and WiFi FPV to have a live stream view of the drone’s camera.

Eachine’s E58 comes with a 3.7V 500mAh capacity Lipo battery for about seven to nine minutes of flight time and a dedicated DJI-inspired remote controller.

Learning to fly a drone begins with learning how not to crash or bump it into something. After reviewing dozens of drones, We find the Eachine E58 one of the best starter drone under $50. In addition to the cool Mavic design, it comes with many beginner oriented features.

We got a lot of comments here at from people who are looking for their first drone. Many want to buy a high-end, fully-featured and, of course, expensive DJI drone. It is pretty hard to explain them why a cheap as $50 drone is more appropriate for them.

In a nutshell, whether it’s a 20$ or 1000$ quadcopter, all have similar main parts: four rotors, flight controller, camera and remote controller. Therefore, their control mode is very similar.

Eachine E58 has foldable arms which make it very easy to carry around. By the way, the drone itself is quite smaller than Mavic, so you can easily keep it in your pocket.

Eachine E58 is stuffed by lots of functions: altitude hold mode, Wi-Fi app, headless mode, one key return to home, 3 level speed (including sport mode). It flies very stable and is therefore suitable both for newbies and experienced drone flyers.

Now we come to the the main part of this drone: its camera! You can choose between 0.3 MP and 2.0 MP HD cameras. We strongly recommend you to choose the second variant: it’s just a bit more expensive, but the quality difference is enormous! 2.0 megapixel HD camera also has wide angle lens which allows to capture good views.

See this amazing footage of the Eachine E58


  • Type: Helicopter
  • Features: Remote Control
  • Aerial Photography: No
  • 14 years old,> 8 years old,12-15 Years,Grownups”> Age Range : 8-11 Years,> 14 years old,> 8 years old,12-15 Years,Grownups
  • Remote Distance: 80-100m
  • State of Assembly : Ready-to-Go
  • Warranty: No
  • Package Includes: USB Cable,Original Box,Camera,Operating Instructions,Batteries,Remote Controller
  • Motor: Brush Motor
  • Material: Plastic,Carbon Fiber,Metal
  • Plugs Type: as description show
  • Charging Time: 60-70mins
  • Model Number: Eachine E58
  • Action Time: 7-9mins
  • Dimensions: as description show
  • Warning: No
  • Control Channels: 4 Channels
  • Controller Battery : 3 x 1.5 AA battery (NOT Included)
  • Controller Mode: MODE2
  • Charging Voltage: as description show
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Brand Name: EACHINE
  • Features: Model


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Like with so many products, many companies decided to join the drone-selling craze. But, also like with anything, there are certain companies that truly shine above the rest in their product offering. When it comes to drones, out of many drone companies you should be considering is Eachine. Why? There is a whole list of reasons: they offer the great prices, great selection, their quadcopters can be found virtually all over the world, are easy enough for even a beginner to be able to work with no problems, and their drones are all highly rated by those that purchase them. Wouldn’t it be cool to have Amazon deliver your quadcopter with a quadcopter??!?

Eachine’s Drones Are More Affordable Than Most.

If you look at the prices of civilian drones, they tend to range in price depending on their size, but can end up costing thousands of dollars—that kind of money most people do not have just lying around, right? Of course, some companies do offer more cost-effective models, but it sometimes means that the quality and features of the drone itself are sacrificed.But, Eachine refused to do follow that same approach. Instead, they worked to ensure that every drone that they make is top-notch quality, while still having affordable options at every price point. If you look at their website, you will find their casual quadcopters all cost less than $200 USD and some are as inexpensive as $25 USD. When it comes to racer quadcopters, prices go a little higher, but still stay under the $400 USD mark, compared to other brands which can end up costing much more.

They Have So Many Quadcopters to Choose From

One look at Eachine’s website makes it clear: their drone selection seems rather endless. They offer two main types of categories: RC (or remote control) drones and FPV (first-person-view) racer quadcopters. But, within each of these categories, there are many models that you can choose from, depending on what exactly it is you are looking for. Their selection is also constantly growing, with a number of new models that will be joining their lineup soon enough. The next few sections will go over their product lines

Remote Control Drones

Remote control drones, or RC drones for short, are also sometimes called quadcopters. These types of quadcopters are the most common, and can easily be distinguished from other types of drones by the presence of multiple propellers (four, as implied by their name) that help it to be able to take flight and move smoothly through the air. These are best for those cool aerial views you always see.You will notice by looking at the various RC drone models that Eachine offers, that these type of drones come in different size options. Some are “micro” quadcopters, that are small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, you know tiny whoops. Others are bigger, but still very lightweight and compact and easy to take anywhere you want.

First Person View Racer Quadcopters

The other main type of drones that Eachine offers are first person view (FPV) racer quadcopters. These quadcopters work the same way as RC quadcopters but tend to be used more for racing, as the name implies. Here is the Eachine 250 Racer. Drone racing is easily what it sounds like; people take their quadcopters through a set obstacle course, each trying to get the fastest time. It can be incredibly competitive and the quadcopters usually are required to meet certain specifications to qualify.While most FPV racer quadcopters look like the quadcopters people are used to seeing, others take on an entirely different sort of appearance.  Eachine currently has four FPV quadcopters that are coming soon, which look more like smaller versions of military aircrafts than they do actual drones.

It’s Not Just the Drones, Though

Eachine does not just sell whole drone systems though, they also offer a large selection of spare parts and extra accessories. This means that if you need to repair something on your drone, or just want to create some sort of modification, you can get the parts directly from Eachine, without having to turn to a third-party company that may not work as well.Whether you need new propellers,  a replacement or extra battery pack, or a camera to attach to your drone, you will be able to find what you need with Eachine directly. You also have the added benefit of finding these parts and accessories at incredibly affordable prices. If you know enough, you may even be able to create your very own drone creation with all the parts that Eachine has to offer.

Drones So Easy to Use, Even a Beginner Can Work Them

Drones can seem daunting to people who have never used one before. But, they do not have to be scary or difficult at all. Eachine’s quadcopters are proof of that fact. While they may use advanced technology, they are easy enough that even someone who has never used a drone before would be able to learn to use one without any difficulties.Some models are, of course, easier than the others to learn. However, with a little patience, you should be able to figure it all out in no time at all. But, should you run into any problems, each drone comes with an easy-to-follow user manual that will help you through set up, flight, and any problems you may end up encountering.

Eachine Drones Are All Highly Rated

If all of that is not enough to convince you as to why Eachine is the best drone company out there, then maybe this bit of information will help: their drones all are highly rated. Just scroll through their project pages and see for yourself while they have a number of products still listed only as coming soon, the available products all have five-star ratings on their website. Consumers praise their brand for the quality and attention-to-detail for each drone and love the way they work as well as the quality of the cameras that can come with them.Quadcopters are becoming increasingly popular, with their wide-range possible uses outside of the military’s espionage and combat missions. Regardless of the reason, someone may be looking to buy a drone of their own, be it solely for entertainment or to help with their line of work, Eachine is the best seller to turn to. Between their incredible prices, a wide selection of products, ease of use, and general availability, you cannot go wrong with this great company. So when you are ready to join the drone revolution, don’t look further than Eachine! Check them out for yourself, and you will not be disappointed by everything they have to offer.

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2 reviews for Eachine E58 DJI Mavic Pro Clone

  1. Hi from Minesota :)

    Love it. Great drone for beginner before step up to real racing or dji drone. Battery last about 10 mins which is quite reasonable for its size, but extra battery for more fun!!

  2. PrisChap

    I have had several inexpensive drones over the years and have found many of them difficult to fly. This drone was a real surprise as it was very easy to get into the air and control. It’s one button take off and landing modes allow the pilot to get it up and back easily. I am looking forward to using the Wifi app with my phone and taking photos and videos with it soon. I bought on for my eight year old grandson for Christmas and will be giving one to his cousin for his seventh birthday soon. I am sure that he will find it flyable as quickly as we did.

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