Eachine E011: Make your own fpv tiny whoop

About Eachine E011

Eachine just released a very intriguing ducted micro quad dubbed the E011. It looks just like the popular E010, but has two very important differences. First, it comes with a random Lego-like character and second it has larger and more powerful motors.


Eachine E011 sporting the random Lego man.

 It is about the same size as the E010, but our thrust tests show that it has almost twice the power as the popular E010. Eachine opted to use 7 mm motors instead of 6 mm motors that are found on the E010 – that was a fantastic decision.That makes the E011 a lot of fun to fly. Unlike the E010, the E011 doesn’t lose altitude when doing stunts or when you fly aggressively.
E010 vs E011

Take a look at the E010 on the left and the E011 with the Lego man on the right.


For a full breakdown of the E011 and how it compares to the E010 watch our video below.

Reviewed by www.halfchrome.com

Another great improvement was the more flexible frame. The E011 frame holds up better to bumps and crashes because of the added flexibility. The remote is also a little different. We aren’t sure why it was changed, but they removed the dedicated flip button and relocated it on the right gimbal (joystick.) This makes flipping slightly more difficult.

Fly the E011 FPV

We aren’t sure the reason that Eachine decided to promote it with a Lego character instead of calling it a more powerful E010. Perhaps they did research and demographics show that drone enthusiasts love Legos. Sure, the bigger motors let the quad fly around with the Lego guy. But we would rather remove the character and add a camera…

Video  by alishanmao

Check out how we added a camera to our E011. We’d recommend adding a connector for so you can move the camera to other drones if needed.Maybe the best reason buy an E011 is to convert it into an FPV flyer. You can pick up a small FPV camera and transmitter for about $20-30Check out this one here. Some quick soldering and you’ve got yourself a fun little tiny whoop that can run circles around the E010 and even the stock Inductrix.

E011 FPV

Here’s the E011 minus the Lego man and plus an FPV camera.

Now watch us try our best to zip around the house and crash test this setup. As you will see, there is some room for us to improve our skills, but the drone holds up incredibly well.

Tested by www.halfchrome.com

What Would We Do Differently?

No, this little quad isn’t perfect. We’d love to be able to fly it more aggressively. Even in high mode it doesn’t pitch quite as much as it could given the strength of the motors. How hard would it be to add a real rate mode or even horizon mode to one of these little quads? Clearly, the E011 could handle it.

E011 FPV

The E011 from the top with the FPV camera.

Should You Buy the E011?

It is likely that Eachine will release a version that comes with a camera, but for $25-35 you can grab an E011 and add your own FPV camera. You will be hard-pressed to find a drone this fun and costs less than the price of a few double lattes. Pick up a good pair of FPV goggles and you are ready to do some whooping.

Lego drone

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