Calibrating the Eachine E58 drone: Effortless step-by-step guide!

Calibrating Eachine E58
Calibrating Eachine E58

As lately, I have gotten many comments regarding calibrating the Eachine E58 drone, I thought it would be helpful to make a step-by-step guide about it.

Sometimes after minor crashes, toy drones start to fly abnormally even if there are no physical damages (like faulty propellers). Performing gyro-calibration can solve sideward flying or other flight disorders.

You can calibrate Eachine E58 gyro settings in two different ways, either using the remote control or through the JY UFO phone APP.

Calibrating the Eachine E58 by Remote controller


Step 1: Turn on the remote controller;
Step 2: Long press the power switch to turn ON the Eachine 58
Step 3: Place the drone on a horizontal surface;
Step 4: Bind the transmitter with the drone by pushing the throttle stick to the highest position, and then pull it back to the lowest position. Solid light will indicate a successful bind;
Final step: Move both sticks to the lowest right corner (like in the image above) for about 2-3 seconds. LED lights will start to flash rapidly. Wait a few seconds till the lights are solid again, and that is it.

Calibrating the Eachine E58 by phone APP

Calibrate Eachine E58 through APP is even easier. After you connected to drone with your phone. You need to enter the settings menu (like in the image below) and select the “Gyro calibrate” icon. First, the LEDs will start to flash rapidly, then steady on. Finish! That was all, you are done and ready for your next flight.



Also, here is a short video where you can see how to calibrate Eachine E58:

This drone coming with great features/flaws. It’s a great budget lightweight drone with a little autonomy, easy to fly and his is quite similar to DJI Mavic drone/DJI Mavic clone. In this video you watch how to calibrate Eachine e58, you’ll be a witness of great Eachine review, range test, drone hacks, and tips.

  • 0:00 How To Calibrate Eachine E58
  • 1:00 Range Test
  • 1:24 How To Record Video/FPV
  • 2:19 How To Make Flips 360
  • 2:58 Unboxing
  • 3:30 How to put SD Card On
  • 4:40 Weight Test
  • 4:21 What’s Inside the battery
  • 4:38 Drone Hacks
  • 5:36 Will It Fly With Action Camera
  • 5:42 Beginner Useful Tips
  • 5:53 Pros And Cons

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We hope this article helped you in calibrating your Eachine E58.

Here you can find some spare parts if you need it:

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